Modern Italian

Fresh Cuisine

At Il Basilico we are all about attention to detail from our homemade bread to the perfectly slow cooked venison.

The Story of

Our Restaurant

Our family dream was to open a restaurant where we can share our love for good food and good drinks with people that have the same passion as us.

Delicious Starters

fresh ingredients from the sea and from the ground

Delicious cocktails and mocktails

Refreshing drinks for all the occasions

Natural Food

authentic and unique

Tasty pasta

Home made sauces will make you lick your fingers

Discover Our

Great Flavors

Pizza Il Basilico

Pizza Il Basilico

Our signature pizza dish is a combination of fine Italian ingredients with a terrific combination

Insalata di mare

A true Italian favourite. You could be at the Amalfi coast sipping a glass of champagne and admiring the view. This dish takes you all the way there without paying the ticket

tartar di manzo

Steak tartar from an Italian point of view


If there is one dish that doesn’t need an introduction this is it!

We Believe

Food Is Important

But sharing it with who you love is priceless.


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