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Il Basilico Italian Restaurant in Taunton: Our Story

Italian food has a long and storied history, and above all, our mission at Il Basilico is to honour that history. Our chefs and staff know Italian cuisine and remember well the recipes served as they were in Italy. We aim to bring that taste of Tuscany to our authentic Italian restaurant in Taunton; delicious and uncomplicated flavours with our unique twist. If you are looking for places to eat in Taunton, we are waiting to welcome you.

behind the sauce

Our Restaurant

Our chef has studied recipes during all their lives but their best ones are nonna’s recipes which are all over our menu 

passione tricolore

Italian Family Restaurant


Our Family​

We have come from Toscany to share our love for good food and good drinks

Homemade Food​

Most of our typical products are coming directly from Italy. Our vegetables and fruit are sourced locally when possible and all the sauces are freshly made every day

authentic with a twist

Welcome to where the tradition meets the modern

Our Chef: Lorenzo’s Passion

Lorenzo’s passion goes into everything he makes, and as our head chef, nothing less than perfection gets past him. For his whole life, our chef has studied his craft and perfected his recipes, maintaining the authenticity of his nonna’s cooking while updating the flavours for modern palettes. Lorenzo is more than just our chef–he is your host.

Meet The Chef


The finest dishes from his nonna to your plate

Family Run: Running with Tradition

As one of the best restaurants in Taunton, we understand the importance of the relationship with our guests. As a family-run business, this is also another vital aspect of our traditional model; our food is lovingly made as though it were for our own family. We pride ourselves on the level of friendly service we provide, not lost behind a corporate name badge. 

modern italian restaurant

Have you tried our Fettucine Il Basilico?

Squid ink fettucine with cherry tomato, king prawns and squid. A modern dish to die for

Get in Touch

To enquire about bookings or even order for takeaway collection, get in touch today over the phone or book online. For pizza in Taunton or any food places in the area, our menu is varied without losing any quality in the individual dishes. Join us in our cosy, intimate space for an unforgettable night with us. 

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